Catalite Ignition System
The Catalite Ignition System, manufactured by D.B.I., offers quick and reliable ignition for burners, flares and flare pilots. Due to its unique design, electrical wiring or flame front tubes are not required, making the Catalite Ignition System an excellent choice for many applications including:

Offshore flare platforms requiring sub-sea utilities
​    In this application, the Catalite Ignition System can be configured to provide on-demand ignition of flares or flare pilots without the use of underwater flame front tubes or electrical wiring.

Long range ignition
​    Unlike flame front generator tubes, there are no length limitations with the Catalite Ignition System.

High temperature areas requiring ignition
​    The ignition component of the system is custom built and is rated for 1,900 F, meeting or exceeding temperature capabilities of most electronic ignition systems.

Any flare pilot requiring a secondary ignition source
​    The Catalite Ignition System can be mounted in conjunction with any 1" flame front tube on any pilot allowing for a secondary ignition source.

The Catalite Ignition System is innovative technology originally designed to provide ignition in an environment where flame front generator tubes and electrical wiring are impractical.   There are more applications for this equipment than listed above and we would welcome the opportunity to design a unique ignition system to fit your specific needs. All inquires are welcome.

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