DSI-100 Direct Spark Igniter
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DSI-100 with cable climbers in action
​The Igniter flame is monitored and proven by a data logger or temperature switch, making this Direct Spark Igniter system comply with Federal Regulations.  (see our E.P.A. info page)

Voltage configurations for the control panels include 12 VDC solar powered, 120 vac and 120 vac with UPS back-up.

​Retractable systems for this equipment is available. 

The DSI-100 is available in straight or bent tip configurations.
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The DSI-100 Direct Spark Igniter is designed to operate 24 hours a day providing continuous ignition of flare stacks without the use of fuel gas normally required by traditional pilots. This is accomplished by directing a small stream of flare gas to the Igniter Shield/Spark Nozzle resulting in ignition of the Igniter as well as the flare. The Spark Nozzle houses the spark plug that provides a spark every two seconds regardless of the Igniter flame temperature.

This equipment is unique because the flare gas is directed to the same ignition zone ensuring ignition regardless of wind speed, wind direction or other environmental factors.  
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