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FAST Gas Tip
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Specifications                          4” FAST Tip                              6” FAST Tip
     Weight:                                   28 lbs.                                      32 lbs.
     Dimensions:                      10” x 10” x 28”                         12” x 12” x 26”
     Fuel Gas Required:              18,000 scfd*                             18,000 scfd*

*Minimum assist gas required based on a molecular weight of 22 at a pressure of 40 psig. 

The amount of required assist gas can vary depending on flow rates and gas chemistry. It is recommended that the assist gas regulator be set to 40 psi as a starting point. This pressure can then be adjusted up or down as required. It is also recommended that the assist gas remain on at all times. Assist gas consumption will increase by 1,100 scfd per 5 lbs increase in pressure.
DBI’s “FAST” Gas Assist Tip has been designed to provide smokeless operation of heavy tank vapors typically emitted from tank battery installations as well as aid in the smokeless or near smokeless operation of lighter gases at higher flow rates of gas typical of compressor stations. This equipment will comply with 40 CFR 60.18 Method 22 using propane at a flow rate 127 mcfd however smokeless operation at a much higher flow rates are expected while flaring gas with molecular weights closer to that natural gas. Smokeless operation is accomplished by introducing a regulated amount of assist gas or compressed air into the FAST Gas Assist Tip manifold where it is mixed with air and introduced into the flare flame at a high velocity, 360° around the flame. The result is a cleaner flare gas burn using only a fraction of assist gas or compressed air normally required by other gas assist flare tips.

The FAST Gas Assist Tip can be installed on virtually any utility flare with a 4” or 6” flare tip with no welding required.  

This system is not designed to handle particulates in the flare or fuel gas stream including condensate, drilling mud, liquid hydrocarbons, contaminated water, etc.  Equipment is available to remove these particulates from the flare gas stream and should be considered if liquids and/or solid materials are expected. 

"Performance test results indicated the 4" FAST Gas Assist Tip Flare testing at manufacturer's test site is in full compliance with the EPA standard 60.18 for air assisted flares."

                       Brady Environmental Services, Inc
Before and after video showing how the FAST Tip will eliminate smoking flares!!
Gas or Air can be used for results.