SP8 Spark Ignited Pilot
The SP8 Spark Ignited Pilot is designed to provide an ignition source for flares up to 100'.  Ignition of the required pilot gas is assured by an intermittent spark in the pilot nozzle every two seconds regardless of the pilot flame temperature offering a continuous pilot flame for flare ignition.  Control for the SP8 Series Pilots include a Spark Oscillator Module, Thermocouple Switch (to comply with federal regulations), all housed in a Nema 4 fiberglass enclosure (304 or 316 SS optional).
Voltage configurations for the control panels include 12 VDC solar powered, 120 vac and 120 vac with UPS back-up.  
​Minimum fuel gas requirements - 78 SCFH natural gas @ 5 psi, 21 SCFH propane @ 3 psi.
​Retractable systems for this equipment is available. 
The SP8 Spark Ignited Pilot is available in straight or bent tip configurations.
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Two SP8 Pilots in action
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