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The SPITFIRE Ignitor is a Flare Ignition System designed to offer operators with an intermittent flame for flare ignition in areas where fuel gas supplies are limited and must be conserved.
This equipment is originally designed to operate on propane gas.

The SPITFIRE creates a burst of flame every two seconds and is equipped with a Thermocouple to prove Ignitor flame. 
(A red beacon mounted on top of the Ignitor Control Panel will flash indicating no ignition flame. Note that CFR 40, Part 60 requires flare Ignitor flame to be monitored, which is accomplished by the thermocouple.)

The following features are incorporated in the SPITFIRE Flare Ignition System:
  
  • SPITFIRE Ignitor
  • SPITFIRE-AC Ignitor Control Panel

Specifications                        SPITFIRE Ignitor                   Ignitor Control Panel
Weight:                                       32 lbs.                                      35 lbs.
Dimensions:                              9” x 108”                             16” x 28” x 10”
Voltage:                                      12 vdc                                      120 vac
Propane Gas Required:               40 scfd                                        N/A
Electrical Classification:          None                         Nema 4X Painted Steel